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September 22 2011

Finger Foods Children Will Love

Creating finger food snacks for children can be a great way to develop their appreciation for healthy foods. Too many times kids get in the habit of eating foods that are not healthy, just because they are fun and easy to eat. Rather than allowing your child to develop bad eating habits, why not teach them how they can create some of their own fun finger foods?

July 25 2011

Good Foods For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman has an increased need for proper nutrition. This is not just because the baby needs the right things in order to develop properly, but her body will need additional support in order to cultivate the right environment and keep her safe from as well. While an additional nutritional supplement can deliver the right amount of many of the vitamins and minerals a pregnant woman might need, it is rare that you will find one that has everything in the proper dosages.
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