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August 11 2011

Motorhome And Touring Holidays in France

France has always appealed to the more adventurous British holiday maker, partially because of proximity and partially due to the low cost of getting there aboard ferries or the Channel Tunnel. In less time than it would take to slog up the M6 to Birmingham or Manchester, the holiday maker can experience a completely different culture, cuisine and language. Novice continental motorhome holiday makers appreciate the fact that a motorhome is easier to drive and reverse than a towed caravan, making getting on and off ferries less of an embarrassing hassle.

July 06 2011

Last Minute Late Deals: Top Tips For Finding Your Perfect Holiday

The flat UK economy has had many of us tightening our belts recently. Fortunately, affordable late dealsto a wide variety of destinations mean that you can still enjoy your summer holiday. Booking a holiday late in the day can seem a little daunting and maybe a little spontaneous.
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