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December 08 2009


How To Treat Hemmroids

Every year, an approximateamount of 4.4% of the US people is affected by this state.Out of this number,the majority are people aged 50 and more.However, despite this fact, young people should not be deceived into believing that they would not be hit by this extremely painful state.

surely everybody will of course want to avoid having to go through this  extremely painful occurance. In order to stay away from getting hemmroids, it is very  wise for you to know some fundamental information regarding this issue. In this article, we will mainly be looking at what are hemmroids, the types of hemmroids out there and what causes hemmroids.

Before going further, you should know something about hemmroids. Hemmroids are excruciatingly painful – putting this aside, it’s extremely rare to hear of deaths because of hemmroids. If you have hemmroids and you’re concerned that you’re going to die, at least you can relax now.

What are Hemmroids – are they a condition or a disease?
“Hemmroids?” you ask.
Well, hemmroids are basically swellings that occur within the rectum and the lower region of the rectal area. This swelling occurs mainly because of blood clogs in the veins in the rectal area. It’s a condition not a disease. They are simply caused by abnormalities that take place inside our body.

In conjuction with this, the exterior area of the rectum opening can also be succeptible to hemmroids. For your information, hemmroids are usually categorized by their location whether inside the rectum or outside along the anus opening.
Are there many kind of hemmroids out there?
There are a few types of hemmroids groups. As mentioned previously they are classified  by their location whether inside the rectum or outside along the anus opening. Hemmroids that occur inside are called internal hemmroids while the one that occurs outside are called external hemmroids.

Internal hemmroids are usually not excruciatingly painful and do not really instigate any fear. Despite this, when they bleed, they are referred to as internal bleeding hemmroids. Although not excruciatingly painful, they are a reason for concern due to the mess that they cause and also the potential of blood loss.

Hemmroids at the anus opening are known as external hemmroids.
External hemmroids are normally excruciatingly painful and result in discomfort.One such discomfort is difficulty in sitting.
When hemmroids become really swollen, they are referred to asthrombosed hemmroids. Thrombosed hemmroids take place both internally and externally. Both are extremely  painful.

Contributing Factors for Hemmroids
Hemmroids are offset by a variety of factors.
Some are:
• Pregnancy
• Excessive alcohol or caffeine
• Heavy Lifting
• Obesity
• Lack of body movement.
•       Cigars
Besides these, there are many other causes to hemmroids occurrence.

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